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Version 0.4 released 31 Jan 2007
After almost 3 years there's finally a new version of Balour. One reason for the long delay is that this version is a complete rewrite of the whole game (the other reason is that I didn't invest much time in Balour). Some features of 0.3 are still missing such as networking or editing, but the rest is close up. One new feature in this release is the new camera position which should be much better for playing.

The code base is now a lot cleaner and much more object oriented. Also this is the first release of Balour that runs natively on Mac OS X. Because I only own a PPC Mac, I have only released a build for PPC. I would be thankful if somebody with an Intel Mac would try to compile it.

Version 0.3 released 17 Mar 2004
After a long pause there's finally a new release: Version 0.3. It contains a lot of of changes. Most important are: Sound, shooting, loading maps from file, new 3D models and a master server.
Released version 0.2 08 Sep 2003
The new version 0.2 has been released. There are lots of changes. The most important ones are: Trees, rocks and shrubs in level, collision detection, support for different worlds, new textures and speed improvements.